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Do you already know about them?

The Chonmage Kozo, a group of Japanese junior high school boys who are taking YouTube and TikTok by storm.

Their videos instantly attract a large number of followers, and they never let go of their viewers’ hearts.
Their stories of real Japan junior high school boys joking around, their unique personalities and humorous content, and above all, their pure fun, have won the hearts of viewers.

This article takes a deeper look at how they gained such popularity and what makes them so appealing. In addition, we will also provide a variety of interesting topics, such as where they are from, where the center of their activities is, and what their unique video editing techniques are like.

Their activities are just the beginning.
We cannot take our eyes off the future activities of “Chonmage Kozo,” where each individuality shines through. Why not follow their journey with us?

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What is Chomage Kozo?

Recently, a group of boys has been taking Tiktok and Youtube by storm.
Their name is the “Chonmage Kozo”.

They are a group of eighth grade boys (as of 2023) who have achieved amazing success, gaining 20,000 followers in just two days.

Their videos provide fun and empathy, and bring middle school play to life.

Introduction of the members of Chonmage Kozo

The original members were “Chonmage Boy,” “Namazu,” and “Iso Anemone.

The three members have been minced meat, one leg (right leg), and panda since the middle of the project.

Currently there are six members.

Their real names were all kept secret because they are in the second year of junior high school.

Chonmage Kozo(=Chonmage Boy)

Leader Chonmage, the Chonmage Kozo of the account name. Also called Chon. (Photo taken from Youtube)
He seems to have gotten this name from the fact that he initially appeared in videos wearing a chonmage.

Namazu(=Tinea versicolor)

In his self-introduction video, he introduced himself as Nama (何魔). (Photo taken from Youtube)
His ugly face is often featured in clipped videos and photos.
He edits his videos with his cell phone, which is a wonderful editing technique.

He answered that he edits his videos modeled after “Monday Night Live” with Matsuko Deluxe.

Iso Ginchaku(=sea anemone)

He was also called ”Iso” in his introductory video. (Photo taken from Youtube)
Because of his short height, he is often mistaken for an elementary school student.

Hikiniku(=Ground meat)(joined in the middle)

Hikiniku is highly good-looking, and more and more people are pushing for Hikiniku. (Photo taken from Youtube)
He has an air of a man who looks like he might go berserk, but he is surprisingly calm and collected.
His performance when he introduces himself is well known for being funny.

Kataashi(Migiashi)(=One leg (right leg))(joined in the middle)

One leg or right leg with two names. (Photo taken from Youtube)
Taller and more handsome, but the most psychopathic.

Panda (joined in the middle)

Pandas appear in videos extremely rarely. You can meet him at Kaerema 10 until you can do 10 psychopathic diagnoses and 10 solo project lifts. (Photo taken from Youtube)

The characterization of “Chomage Kozo,” the editing skills of “Namazu,” and the humorous side of “Iso” form the eup’s personality and leave a strong impression on the viewer.

What prefecture do you live in?

Fans are also talking about where the “Chonmage Kozo” are from and where they are based.

Guessing from their dialects ~ken, ~bai, ~to, and ~yaken, it is clear that they live in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Upon further detailed investigation, some people claimed to have witnessed them in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Furthermore, you have also identified a park they often use.

Residence:Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Location:Miyano Park, Bengara Village, etc.
Game center:Yume Town Yame

Miyano Park

We were shooting in front of a brown shed at the back of Miyano Park.

Yume Town Yame Store Game Cente

The location where the Taiko Drum Master video was taken is the game center at the Yume Town Yame Store.

Considering that fans make pilgrimages to sacred places, Youtubers are helping to revitalize the community.

Why the Buzz on Tiktok?

Chonmage Kozo had been distributing Youtube videos since December of 2022, but since his follower growth was not good, he decided to post his videos on Tiktok in July 2023.

Since then, his clipped videos continued to increase and he got a big buzz from Tiktok recommendations.

July 24, 2023 Youtube followers exceed 10,000

The number of followers increased dramatically, and we succeeded in gaining 20,000 followers in two days.

July 29, 2023, Youtube reaches 100,000 followers

98.6K followers on Tiktok on July 29, 2023

As of July 30, Tiktok also surpassed 100,000 followers.

Viewer Response

I’m too mature to be able to properly consider the privacy of passersby. I hope they continue to make videos at their own pace, just enjoying themselves with their own people.

This may be a gem beyond comdot. I hope you make the era.

A number of viewers have said they can’t help but become fans of the geeky way she edited the video to create a mosaic of passersby.

Furthermore, the number of fans continues to grow as they find it more likeable, such as “beyond comdot” and “everyone is cute and guessable”.
In my opinion, they may be the Fishers of the future.

Do you have an account?


Twitter launched on July 31, 2023; 4,600 followers in 3 days.

Youtube happily mumbled that they are about to reach 200,000 soon, so I want to support them because I think they can do it.


Name on YoutubeChomage (Chon)Nanazu(何魔)Iso ginchaku(Iso)HikinikuKataashi(Migiashi)Panda
NamePrivate (sometimes I say my real name and get peeved)privateprivateprivateprivateprivate
PositionGeneral Manager & Leadervice president (of a country)captain of a suicide squad
characterquick to take offensebecome engrossed (in something)eccentric young person (esp. girl)Common Sense Man(?)in small quantitiesOrdinary junior high school student
Subjects/Areas of ExpertiseEnglish,/SoccerEnglish/Editingsay strange thingswatchful waitingpsychopathSoccer(?)
OtherFashionable, sometimes naturalIn charge of funny and ugly facesThere’s a lot of weird movement.Unique self-introductionOccasional appearances in videoAppeared in Psychopath Diagnosis, Go Home Until You Can Do 10 Lifting
Popularity RankingNo.2No.4No.3No.1No.5No.5
Very popular in Japan! Game Live Youtuber 『Nichijyo-Gumi』 Number of channel subscribers 1.94 million (January 2023)Youtuber of live video games (Minecruft)What is Jikkyo Youtuber Nichijyo-gumi(Everyday Life Group)? ...


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