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Very popular in Japan! Game Live Youtuber 『Nichijyo-Gumi』

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Number of channel subscribers 1.94 million (January 2023)
Youtuber of live video games (Minecruft)
What is Jikkyo Youtuber Nichijyo-gumi(Everyday Life Group)?

The “Nichijo-Gumi” is a group of four Youtubers, Peinto, Shinigami, Kuronoa, and Torazo, who are active in the video game industry.

They get along well with each other and sometimes say mean things in their videos, but the atmosphere never gets unpleasant and the sarcasm is funny. Many viewers seem to find his sarcasm amusing.

He started his Youtube channel on November 6, 2010, and is a veteran of the live game industry.

Most of the members are in their mid-twenties, and considering that they started streaming 13 years ago, they have been on Youtube since their early teens.

All four members are highly skilled in editing and planning.

Let us introduce you to these four members.

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Introduction of Nichijyo-Gumi Members


Quote from Youtube of the everyday group
Quote from Youtube live action video in 2022

It is no exaggeration to say that he is in charge of comedy in the Nichijo-Gumi.

Originally, he was a one-man live game show, but after meeting the current members, he changed his name to “Nichijyo-Gumi”

He has a bottomless cheerful personality and is often caught by surprise.

In the Jailbreak series, he plays the role of a suicide captain.

He has collaborated with Tomo Akagami and Dozel, and many others.

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Also, since you and shinigami are too close to each other, are you dating? That’s a rumor among viewers.
※They deny it.

They came last in a game that tested their views on love five years ago, so I can only guess that they are dating is just a rumor.

Real name: Shinpei
Birthday: October 8, 1995
Color: Yellow
Blood Type: O
Personality: Very cheerful, laughing, and high-spirited. He is good at making a joke.
Other: He has lost weight and become handsome since 6 years ago. He likes older women. He is often tricked into a surprise and falls for it. He may be a dominatrix. He may be a dominatrix.
Twitter account: @peintooon
Youtube account: @peintooon

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~Are you dating? ~ Peint & Shinigami’s Question Corner!


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