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The members of the game commentary YouTube channel ‘Colorful Peach

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Colorful Peach
Karapichi” for short1.43 million subscribers (as of March 2023)
We have 12 members with rich personalities, and we deliver live video games to you!


What is JapapaChannel, a real-life Youtuber?

The first Jappa Channel video was released by Jappa-san and Ryu-san.

In 2015, they uploaded “Mycra: Operation Spy Episode 1 – Infiltrate the Building and Recover the Blueprints” with an astounding 2.88 million views (as of September 2021)!
Although this is the first episode, the degree of completion is very impressive.

However, it is not as bright or loud in tone of voice as it is now, and the tension is low and serious.

The reason for Ryu’s retirement seems to be that he was busy with other things (work and private life) other than Youtube.

However, I don’t know the clear reason.

What is Colorful Peach?

JAPAPA of “JPAPA CHANNEL”, a Youtuber of live games, gathered 12 members and launched “Colorful Peach” in June 2020.

Each member is illustrated and is cute and very cool.

Sometimes they perform skits called “farce” with their friends and other playmates.


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  • Birthday: December 25
  • Member color: Green
  • Position: Leader
  • Nickname: Jappi
  • Personality: Very cheerful and high-spirited
  • Others: Live action channel available. There is a live-action channel
  • Twitter @jpapachannel
  • Instagram jpapachannel

引用:YoutubeINAIDENT/live filming

Also recommended!


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  • Birthday: September 18
  • Member color: Peach
  • Favorite food: Peach and omelette rice
  • Personality: I am a worrier
  • Twitter @mumu_mumu09
  • Instagram mumu_mumu09


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  • Birthday: October 25
  • Member color: Yellow
  • Strength: Command
  • Personality: He has a kitchen mind. Speaks well in Kansai dialect and edits his greeting almost every time.
  • Black eye patch: To prevent his magic power from getting out of control☆.
  • Other: He is on the live-action channel with Japa
  • Twitter @tattsun_Tpoint


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  • Birthday: August 9
  • Member color: Gray
  • Character: Very gentle, shy
  • Character: He is called a prince. He is also known as a sheep because of his white color.
  • Other: He is in charge of Karapichi’s handsome voice.
  • Twitter @Hiro_clflpeach


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  • Birthday: January 30
  • Member color: Red
  • Personality: Curious
  • Strength: Same as Tatsunto, commands
  • Favorite food: Nanachiki
  • ・Twitter @YuaPyoon


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  • Birthday: December 19
  • Member Color: Black
  • Hobbies: Guitar and painting. He is a professional level artist.
  • Personality: Romantic.
  • Appearance? He is very handsome.
  • Architecture: He often builds toilets
  • Twitterアカウント @Aouri_c


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  • Birthday: October 20
  • Member color: Blue
  • Position: Big brother
  • Personality: The best of the members, he loves horror stories. He has a very distinctive character.
  • Architecture: Creative architect (a.k.a. Naokiri World) He often holds a flower poppy in his hand.
  • ・Twitter @naokiripaisen
  • Instagram naokiri_711


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  • Birthday: August 17
  • Member color: White
  • Personality: Natural and self-paced, said to be a soothing character by viewers. She is not good at horror games.
  • Character: Half fox, half human, red and blue odd eyes
  • Twitter @DnQ_cp


  • Birthday: October 14
  • Member color: Purple
  • Personality: He is often thought to be serious, but he often fools around. He is the most intelligent of the members. He often acts as a commentator or a play-by-play commentator. He is a bit tsundere and tongue-tied.
  • Twitter @mofukun_cp


  • Birthday: February 17
  • Member color: light blue
  • Due to busy schedule, on indefinite hiatus from August 2020 ➡Returning on January 1, 2022.
  • Personality: Representative of smart (self-proclaimed), positive (self-proclaimed)
  • ・Twitter @Runa_cp


  • Birthday: October 7
  • Member color: Orange
  • Personality: Savvy and optimistic. Cannot tell a lie.
  • Other: Has a well-established image as a former delinquent.
  • Twitter @eto_cp


  • Birthday: December 25
  • Member color: Yellow-green
  • Position: Loose character & in charge of comedy.
  • Characteristics: Voice
  • Twitter @sivao1225

The video allows you to enjoy the farce theater of 12 unique individuals.

By the way, the author likes “Architectural Battles”.

theme song


Song by NOA&ETO

Song by ALL

Representing Japan at official Minecraft events!

Delivered on October 17, 2021.

Karapiti became the Japanese representative for the official Minecraft event!

Celebration☆1st Anniversary

June 28, 2021 Colorful Peach turned 1 year old!

At the time we said it would be nice if we could get 1 million views, but at this point it has 2.55 million!

Everyone is talking about their memories and memorable videos.

Daruma-san Koronada Survival 4 is up!

My favorite “Daruma-san Koronada Survival” series!

It has been uploaded!

I’m so thrilled to see it again!

We hope you will watch it!

January 1, 2022: Luna resurrected

Nana has resumed its activities since January 1, 2022, due to studying for exams and other activities!

She resumes her activities with 12 members! I’m looking forward to it♡♡

Put the kids to bed!

In March 2022, a video called “Put Your Kids to Sleep! was uploaded and viewed by 3.3 million people in one month.

Jappa took on the mission of becoming a father and putting the other members’ children to bed.

You have to see if he succeeded in putting all the members’ children to bed.

The cheeky and cute kids of the members are worth watching!


In addition, “Shimamura x Colorful Peach” collaboration products will be released on May 14, 2022 (Sat.).

Towels, bedding and pajamas are only available at stores, and some T-shirts and socks are only available for online purchase.

Go to Shimamura stores if you want to get them!



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